SO your having a change from dark to light , how exciting !

Your stylist has let you know all of the following things that can happen during this process.

Please read carefully and make sure that you fully understand that way you won’t have

any unrealistic expectations. Please understand these apply to any lightning service including ombre and partial lighting, Remember these are all the “could happens” our expert stylists will make sure every stage is beautiful and choose the safest option for your hair

1. Going from dark to light won’t happen over night, it will take time !

It can take up to and beyond 3 months to lift out artificial pigment especially from box colours or direct dyes. The underling pigment in natural hair and artificial hair is red so it takes time to remove this pigment from red to orange to yellow to blonde.

2. Dark/Black hair to white won’t happen in one sitting unless your Kylie Jenner have heaps of $$$$$$$ , want a short haircut or are prepared to wear partial wigs. It's just not chemically safe.

3. It will be a work in progress - there will be some very "warm" stages, in other words it probably will be more more browny/orange than blonde. You have to ride out some "awkward" stages to live your blonde dreams!!! Some times the change might seem very minimal if the pigment in your hair is “playing hard to get out” and you may leave with just a few shades lighter.

4. We do have olaplaex but it doesn't mean we can make your hair blonde in one day (actually we can but it would take all day maybe the next one AND all of your money!) Olaplex simply allows us to push the colour without any extra damage to your hair BUT it still takes time!!! We are a team of AMAZING colourists but what we can achieve in one visit says more about your hair and it's previous colour history than it does about us. Patience is a must.

5. There may be some damage or breakage. Although we do our best to insure your hair will stay in the best condition possible you may find you hair dryer and a little less shiny. Home hair care is a must. You will need to do regular treatments, a intensive olaplaex treatment is highly recommended before lightning and in between visits. If Your hair is in a stressed and weakened condition when you walk through our door it may mean we can’t initially push the hair very far , so results will be slower. We may even not be able to use lighting products on your hair straight away.

6. It could get expensive. You may need colour eliminator to first take out some artificial colour followed by what

ever lighting process you may need. There will be more home haircare required with salon

professional products. The possibility of future maintenance may also be increased, so more visits to the salon and more steps involved when your there. Consider regrowth especially with very blonde looks. Scalp bleaches need touching up of a min of every 5 weeks. Going lighter safely can involve a lot of time, work, and skill. Consequently, can be expensive.

7. Most direct pigment dies can NOT be bleached out especially blue (this can actually turn bright green when bleached Yikes!)

These include Fudge and Manic panic type of colours , semi mouse , colour shampoos and conditioners. Removal of these colours is a much lengthier process with a lot more steps.

8. Instagram Photos Are Part Fantasy. Everything, from the angle to the filter to the sometimes shameless Photoshopping, is staged. Your new doo will look fabulous, but it may not look exactly like your Instagram or Pinterest vision. So be inspired, but also be realistic about outcomes.

9. Toners and pastel colours fade FAST. The porosity of your hair, our Aussie climate swimming , sun and home haircare all play a factor in length of time toners will last. you may find that some times they can fade with one wash if your hair is particularly fragile or porous.

10. If you have previously used henna to colour your hair please advise stylist. We can not colour over any henna. If we do it can smoke burn and basically have a major chemical reaction. Nether of us want that !

11. When foiling on dark dark hair, the hair will only lighten where the foils are placed so you will still have the darker colour between the foils.

Again these are all the “could happens” our expert stylists will make sure every stage is beautiful and choose the safest option for your hair.

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